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Make it


and get inspired on the way

Make it

your Path

and get inspired on the way

#0 Intro (EN) | What you can expect from this podcast

Hi, I am Gina Friedrich,

and if you are asking yourself from time to time “what is my individual path”, then I want to bring to you inspiration, motivation and exciting interview guests through this podcast and accompany you throughout your journey.

In this intro episode, I want to share 3 key infos with you about this podcast:

First you should know for whom this is the right podcast – so you know if you are right here. The second answer I want to give you is why I brought this podcast to life, which will include a few words about my personal background. This is then followed by a third point – which is around the value this podcast is adding to your life.

I am super happy and excited you are listening.

Ready for kick-off?

Off we go!

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