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and get inspired on the way

#67 "It's been a hard journey but helped me grow as a person“

Hey and welcome to this first episode in 2021 with Kerrine Bryan.

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Fotocredit: Calo Ballaera

Kerrine is based in New York and took her master’s degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Business Administration. She is originally from the UK and this is where she started her journey of becoming and author for her own book series „Butterfly Books“.

Besides that she also works as an electrical engineer for WSP USA and previously 11 years for CB&I.


Kerrine describes herself as a person who is driven by the will „to offer the next generations a bright future“. In school, she was always good at scientific subjects but gender issues held her back from beginning her engineering carrier. She talks about her aha-moment when a teacher introduced her to the engineering world that made her go that path.

In this interview, Kerrine shares very personal insights into her journey of becoming an author. She explains why the world needs more engineers and how her book may help to achieve this goal.

We talk about her hardest decision, moving to New York and how she had to restart her careers in a new country.

What surprised her the most along her way, why networking is key and how she combines her two business worlds - this and much more you’re going to hear in this interview.

Are you currently asking yourself "What is my path? What do I really want?"

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