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Make it


and get inspired on the way

Make it

your Path

and get inspired on the way

#64 "You can’t call for something in your life if you don’t know exactly what that is“

Hi there, thanks for tuning in to episode #64 with Pascale Falempin.

Pascale is a Project Manager, Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer based in Milan. She’s originally from Corsica where she did her masters degree in mediation culturelle and moved to London where she successfully studied arts policy and management. She worked at the London theatre for several years and did a certification as a pilates instructor on the side.

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Fotocredit: Calo Ballaera


In this interview, Pascale talks about her life changing moment which made her realize that she needed a change of scenery in every sense. Because of her instagram site she got her dream job offer as a pilates specialist from the hotel chain Bulgari. She immediately fell for it and jumped right into her new path.

Pascale shares her moments of doubt - doubting herself, decisions, her previous path - and explains how she handled these with confidence. Clarity is the most important thing for her, when it comes to making decisions, because she is all but certain that the rest floats in.

We talk about her biggest challenge living abroad in a foreign country again (the Italian language) and why she sees success very objective and defines it as „being on the right path".

What surprises her the most every day and which advise she would give her younger self - Pascale talks about in this episode. And now, here she is!

Did you enjoy this episode and do you know someone for whom the topics and impulses of this podcast might be helpful? I would be more than happy if you would recommend the make it your path podcast to people who’s development lies at your heart. Thank you :)


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