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Make it

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and get inspired on the way

#59 "I knew that I wouldn’t be satisfied if I didn’t try changing my path“

Hey and welcome to episode #59 with Lilani Abey. Lilani is based in Luxembourg and works as a Project Manager at the Hôpitaux Robert Schuman. She is originally from London and this is where her journey started and where she became a medical doctor.

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Fotocredit: Calo Ballaera

She describes herself as a curious person, with medicine not being the only thing that interested her. She left her comfort zone of being a doctor, moved to Switzerland to take a break and work as a medical researcher - and from there on, her plans of breaking into the business world were made. :)


In this interview, Lilani shares very personal insights into her journey, that made her quit her career as a medical doctor as it was not satisfying for her any more. She also explains how she went through the process of transitioning into the business world, how she dealt with a lot of pushback from people around her and how the thought of „always having the chance to go back“ helped her along the way.

We also talk about her moments of doubts: Leaving London for taking her big chance abroad and later going back to zero income.

Why facing the judgement from strangers in the business of being a doctor is still a present problem and how her definition of success changed throughout the years - this and much more, Lilani talks about now :-)

Are you currently asking yourself "What is my path? What do I really want?"

Let us find out how I could support you as a Career & Life Coach and get in touch for a free initial consultation. Send an email to Thank you for listening and have a happy day ahead!


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