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#55 "I decided to leave after 18 years with no alternative in front of me“

Today you’ll get to know Rodrigo Samwell Diniz who is Chief Marketing Officer at the world’s largest e-sports company ESL Gaming in Cologne.

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Fotocredit: Calo Ballaera

He is from Portugal originally, holds a Master in Science and worked for the Vodafone Group for over 18 years in many different management roles.


In this interview, Rodrigo shares insights about his fast developing career; for example how one of the biggest aha-moments was when he experienced the biggest failure along his professional path or how the question „why am I here?“ turned out to be an important one for him - and how coaching helped him to find an answer. And in regards to failure, we exchange thoughts on how the way we look at it has the power to turn in into success.

Rodrigo shares the two hardest decisions he had to make - being to leave his home countryand, later on, Vodafone Group - and explains how they turned out to be the best decisions he has ever made at the same time. And in case you considering to work abroad, he has a good advice. :)

We talk about trust in others being his default setting and how especially new managers often get too little development support throughout their transition from their initial expert role. Why feedback is like a valuable gift, feeling doubt is a good thing and which advice he would give to his younger self - Rodrigo talks about in this episode. Enjoy!

Are you facing an important decision, your thoughts are going around in circles and the pressure is increasing? Or you want to develop more confidence and your individual style in a new role?

Let us find out how I could support you as a Career & Business coach and get in touch for a free initial consultation. Send an email to Thank you for listening and have a happy day ahead!


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