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#53 "The root cause of any hard decision I had to make is letting go"

Welcome to the first English episode after my little summer break. My guest today is Jonathan MacDonald, an absolute change expert, award-winning book author, strategist and top speaker. He already published a set books and we also talk about his latest one „Powered By Change“ and its fundamental idea.


In this episode, Jonathan talks about his journey in life and how it made him who he is today. He calls his present self a “product of his past”, which was embossed by some tough challenges like being bullied in school.

Along his career, Jonathan tried out a lot of different things – always with the help of never feeling fear.

We also talk about his thoughts on comparing himself to other people and that it is a dangerous concept. Jonathan shares that he only compares himself to whom he was the day before. You’ll hear his definition of success which changed throughout the years and is now rather the ability to feel peaceful than status and wealth.

He tells us how “letting go” defines the hardest decisions he made in his life. From leaving his marriage and deliberating about the consequences for his two children to leaving his ex-business partner.

In this interview, Jonathan shares his thoughts on dealing with failure and seeing it as a learning process. Get ready for his interesting perspectives on doubt and mental fitness and enjoy this talk.

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