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and get inspired on the way

#47 & 49 "I was much too tolerant of my internal frustration"

Hi there, thank you for tuning in to episode #47 with Ben Sufiani.

Ben is based in Cologne and “nerdy marketing” is what the founder of Pirate Skills and 7 other companies calls his passion. He studied psychology and - with his latest company - focusses on growth marketing.


In this interview Ben shares his journey that made him quit his Air Force job, study Psychology and found 8 companies to date - and how the idea of “life-style design” helped him to shape it. Hear how he describes these phases with “peeling an onion”, as with every project he got deeper and deeper to his core.

In part 1 we discuss if following one’s own passion is the right approach and what role his so called “frustration meter” played on his journey.

Why his approach requires saying “no” to upcoming business opportunities, how this results in accepting slower growth and what his current challenge is – this and much more Ben talks about in this first half.

In part 2 of this interview Ben shares how he had to choose between personal and professional success in the past and how he decided that it should not be a balance - but an integration of both worlds. Hear how he decided to fight the Corona virus back and what a key learning for his further life was from his approach.

With him being the absolute expert when talking about „The Art of Marketing“, and as all of us present – or in other words “market” – ourselves out there almost every day somehow, you might like his insights and experiences on creating a personal brand for his business, on the importance of social media and how to manage resources when producing content as well.

When he felt doubt on his path, what tough decisions he took to keep a clear focus and what surprised him the most you’ll hear in part two!

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