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Make it

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and get inspired on the way

#45 "It took time to build my confidence back up & know my value when starting as a freelancer"

Welcome to today’s episode #45 with Linia Patel, an award winning nutritionist and dietitian in in her final year of her PhD in Public Health.

As a dietitian and nutritionist, she focusses on sports and public health. She is a spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association and regularly appears on national TV and in the press - and with all that is able to follow her passion. ☺


Linia, who’s passion it is to translate nutritional science into easy-to-digest and practical advice, shares how she quite early in her career figured out what she would like to do for a living. Hear how deciding to become freelance was kind of an aha-moment, combining her two worlds of interests - with staying freelance having been one of the hardest decisions at a later stage. After her business was taking off quite well, she decided to invest in a PhD.

What her key learnings are from making such decisions, she will talk us trough in this interview. We discuss our own experience with and the importance of social media when starting your own business and get some helpful insights from Linia, e.g. on how journaling motivates her when the going gets tough.

We talk about changing the focus to a long-term view, the need of having a vision to enable behavioral change, why worrying is the biggest waste of time and stepping out of one’s own comfort zone is so important. Ready, tune in now! 

Are you facing a challenge that requires leaving your comfort zone or you would like to look for one as a next development step? Let’s see how I could support you as a Career & Life Coach and book your free initial consultation. Visit or send me an email to I am looking forward to hear from you and sending sunny regards from Düsseldorf in Germany!


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