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#43 "Having money or not hasn’t changed anything in my life"

This episode will give you some special insights into the life of the 72 years old inventor Morris Ostrow, who was born in Germany, raised in Israel, moved to Canada and calls Japan his home now since decades.

Morris is a studied Engineer, was a top judo player of the Canadian national team who also succeeded in the Jewish Olympics in Israel. Hear how he decided to not follow in his father’s shoes, joining and one day taking over his successful factory.

Shownotes Morris shares how he started working as an engineer and the situation, when his dream of being part of the international Olympic games came to a sudden end. Why he describes being employed feeling like being a slave, how he decided to quit as well as what it meant to him, having his former wife giving up on him and his inventions, he explains to us. You’ll hear how he failed many times with selling his inventions but never gave up – until he really was able to celebrate huge successes, giving him all the freedom he wanted. Get ready for some very nice stories and his personal impulses to people who are still not sure if and how they should go ahead with an idea.


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