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Make it

your Path

and get inspired on the way

#41 "I chose flexibility and being freed of any rigid dogmas"

Konnichiwa - and great to have you listening to episode 41 of my podcast. In this interview you will get to know Kent Foster, whom I met on the Japanese Island Ishigaki just a few days ago. Kent was born in San Francisco and when asking him his for profession, he says “I am a traveler”.

And this since 1986! In these decades traveling, he has had chest pains in Zimbabwe, giardia in Nepal, heat exhaustion in India, food poisoning in Burma and has suffered through operations in Vietnam and Hungary.

Kent is working for high tech companies in Silicon Valley from (for example at Yahoo) which allows him to travel and to compensate for lost money from a pickpocket in Turkey, speeding tickets in Costa Rica, Australia or Czech Republic.


In this adventurous talk Kent shares his believes on the special things in live only showing when you are open to them, which could mean not to have the perfect finalized plan when taking off. You will hear why he enjoys it so much living somewhere for a year, understanding people and culture and live like the locals do.

Listen to how he started this traveler life and freed himself – physically and mentally - from so many things, giving him flexibility and freedom without ever regretting any taken decision.

Why finding your own path requires not being afraid to take some risks, how he makes it through moments of doubt and why traveling does not have to be expensive – all this and more you’ll hear now – so get ready to listen to some personal adventures!

Kent's Website The Dromomaniac


If you enjoy this episode I would be more than happy if you’d sign up for it on iTunes, Spotify, Android Podcasts, Deezer or your individual podcast player! Thank you for listening and warm regards from Japan!


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