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Make it

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and get inspired on the way

#4 Landing your dream job by illustrating your value - even when new to the field

Today, Austin is a contributing writer at Forbes & Business Insider and the Director of Partner Development at Microsoft in New York – and he shares his motivating story on how he got there with is today.

Due to his own experience, passion and his website he has helped his clients - with no professional experience or connections in the targetted field - landing job offers at Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Twitter and Microsoft to just name a few.

All this with a new approach that helped him years ago ending up with 2 amazing job offers to choose from. His used strategy is being featured in Fast Company, USA Today and Inc. Magazine.

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Austin shares his personal journey with us, how he has invested so much time and money in becoming a doctor and then all suddenly slipped away. We hear how he took an upcoming job opportunity without thinking about his future at all and ended up with in a position that was miserable and 10k dollars of dept shortly afterwards.

He then decided to move into the tech industry with no professional experience in this field and explains, how he was told that he just needs to tweak his CV, his Cover Letter and having to apply online with as many companies is the only way to get in. Which did not work at all.

He shares with us what he did after he sent out about 300 applications in the first 3 months without a single interview and how he came up with a new strategy to validate your value for a company and found himself choosing between job offers from Google, Twitter and Microsoft. Which, in the end was hardest decision he had to make.


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