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and get inspired on the way

#39 "I wish I’d have slowed down more to appreciate all of the levels that I achieved"

Hi! Today, you’ll now get to know the man behind these above words, Jerome Nadel who lives in California. He is an internationally experienced marketing executive with general management background who holds an advanced degree in psychology.

Jerome is the president of the CMO CLUB’s San Francisco Chapter and a board member of the Silicon Valley Executive Network, also known as SVEN. As he also is a passionate and quite successful (!) cyclist, he shares motivating insights on his philosophy, which equally hold true and are of value in today’s business world.


He talks about his last successfully closed deal before accepting a package and leaving the company – to slow down, travel the world and enjoy the cycling season. Which was right at the point of the Covid-19 virus spread. What this situation now enables him to reflect on, to appreciate and what has helped him along the way, you’ll hear in this interview.

Jerome also shares his thoughts on the notion of scarcity at one end and abundance on the other as well as his experience on the need for security and letting go.

We also talk about control, revealing personality tests, mindfulness and improved management approaches. Parts of these insights are his guiding principles of “Lead with love”, “don’t compare” and “give more than you take”. If you want to know the story behind and if he followed a plan that brought him to where he is today, just stay tuned


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