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Make it

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and get inspired on the way

#35 "I never thought I could turn traveling and my passion into a job"

thanks for listening to episode #35 of this podcast. Which is for everyone for whom professional development means more than just leaps on the career ladder. Which holds also true for today’s guest Jenna Davis from Canada, who lives in Düsseldorf in Germany now.

She was having a very well paid marketing job, turned a winning contest into travel blog and started working with tourism boards. Today, she combines lots of her experience in being a Content Creator, Marketing Manager as well as the Founder & Community Explorer of the expat website Life in Düsseldorf – a community website with almost 7k followers.


Jenna will talk us through this exciting journey on how she turned her passion into a job, while marrying this passion with success. She shares how she figured out her path by more and more finding out what it is NOT that she wants to do and how she went through panic attacks while constantly working 5 times harder than others.

What pushed her, how she faces reactions of people who do not understand how she could follow that route and made it through cultural differences living abroad, you will hear in this episode. Based on her experience, she shares her recommendation for expats arriving in Germany and for people who have an idea they want to bring it to life, even besides a paid job.

We also talk about self-doubt, cultural shocks and following the own gut feel. Ready? Tune in now ☺


Are you currently asking yourself what it is that drives you in order to shape your journey consciously? Let us find out how I could support you as a career & life coach and book your free initial consultation. Just get in touch via I am looking forward hearing from you! ☺


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