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and get inspired on the way

#33 "'If you don’t take risks you’ll never grow, so I left the organization after 12 years"

Today, you’ll hear an episode with Rita Trehan, who is coming from an Indian family and being born and based in the UK. She is a Business Transformation Expert, author, speaker and the founder of Dare Worldwide.

Rita has held many executive positions in her field of expertise – which is Human resources. You see her and her work being featured on BBC, Financial Times, Forbes and the CEO World Magazine. In this interview she shares some inspiring insights of her professional journey.


Hear how she got around her field of expertise which she calls her passion - without having had a career plan in place - making it to the role of Chief HR Officer of a fortune 200 company.

Rita shares how the 3 questions “Do I enjoy the work, am I learning something new and making a difference in some way?” led her through that journey of shaping her career on the go. How she made it through a mid-life crises, asking herself “What am I going to do now”? and what next step she set, she is telling us. Very interesting as well is to learn what it meant to her, starting her own business without a team, being a person who gets energy from being with others.

She shares how she faces moments self-doubt and constraining believes like “Is that the right thing, am I the right person, do I need to do things differently?” and how she does not let them stop her. We talk about failure, corporate culture, key development experiences, building a personal brand and the importance of mental health. Ready? Tune in now ☺


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