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Make it

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and get inspired on the way

#31 "'The higher up you are, the more influence you have' is a cute delusion"

Hi there, welcome to episode #31. Today, you’ll here the story of Anna-Maria Clemens, an HR Transformation Expert with quite a colorful background and journey.

She was born in Poland and her professional path brought her from Canada to Tokyo any many more countries in the world. She held HR management positions at Accenture, Syngenta and lately the GEA Group, worked as a professional dancer and managed schools.


She will talk with us about this journey, why she has left her home country to follow her talents and intuition and how for the first time in her live the question "who am I really" arised.

Anna-Maria very openly shares how some people would tell her that she had no focus in her career, her experiences on worrying about being behind of others from top universities and her English not being good enough in the corporate world - but also what she specifically learned from that time.

We talked about her experiences where non of the corporate games were working anymore, aha-moments and taking a break from her professional career. Why she only did well when she could deeply connect to herself and others, her learnings on cultural adjustment you’ll also hear now.


You’ve liked this episode and know someone for whom this topic is relevant and you personally wish for to find his or her path and start the journey? I would be super happy if you would recommend this podcast. Thanks a lot! ☺


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