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#27 "I left Apple for a job with lower salary but more personal growth opportunities"

Haaappy new year! I hope you had a colorful start into 2020 and am happy to welcome you to the first episode of this year where I got the chance to speak with Alessio Pieroni.

Alessio is an Italian living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with colorful track record. He made it into diverse executive roles early in his professional career, spent some time at Apple as a talent specialist and is the Head of Marketing at Mindvalley since more that 3 years. In focus in all he does now? People!


And Alessio is talking about how he always thought a career is about focusing on results and how he only learned later in life, that it should rather be about people. He shares how leaving Apple was the most difficult decision in his life, what drove him towards this step and what an amazing role his manager played in this situation. We discuss what failure and self-doubt mean to him and how he redefines relationships with the category of people he calls "Vampires".

Why he says there is no growth in your comfort zone, where his intuition and the change of perspective are helpful to him and where fear stopped him from trying something he aimed for you will hear in this insightful and fun episode!


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