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Make it


and get inspired on the way

Make it

your Path

and get inspired on the way

#23 "For about 25 years, a lot of my career moves have been driven by opportunity"

Hey there, I hope you are all well and am super happy to have you sharing your time with me today in this 23rd episode of my podcast “Make it YOUR Path”. On the show today is Patrick Chomet.

He is the Executive Vice President for Product and Innovation at Samsung who lives in London and works in Seoul in South Korea. Besides his proven track record in many senior global management positions, he is a studied engineer and holds a master’s degree in business administration and management.


Patrick talks us through the 3 dimensions his career choices were driven by for a long time: exciting new technology, large scale and a diverse international environment - and how these have changed over time. He shares with us how - being a Senior Executive - he asked himself “Is that it or is there something more that I can do?” and what has helped him to find an answer.

We also learn how he handles moments of doubt, which regularly accompany him, and how his definition of success changed throughout his career. How Patrick makes decisions, how he understands his role of being a people manager, what in his life contributes to the feeling of satisfaction & meaningfulness, what he means by “organizational empathy” and many more inspiring insights from his path you will hear in this episode.


To date, you've used upcoming opportunities or have arrived where you are now rather coincidentally and would like to change that by finding your individual path?

Or you are a manager and it is important to you to offer your high potentials career paths within your company that fit to their strengths and individual goals?

As a career and business coach I am happy to support you on this journey – face to face in Düsseldorf (Germany) or in any other place by video or audio call. . Get in touch for a free initial consultation now and visit me on I’m excited to hear from you!


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