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and get inspired on the way

#2 How you can unlock the potential of your brain

Karolien is a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience and with her TEDxTalk „Hack your own brain“ she aims to create consciousness and openness to embrace the power to unlock our talents, capacity and skills.

As a consultant and bestseller author, she tries to make cutting-edge neuroscience applicable to individuals and companies. She lives in Frankfurt and is a senior faculty member at several top international Business schools, e.g. the Goethe Business School in Frankfurt or Sankt Gallen Management Institute.

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In this first Episode, Karolien tells us about her personal turning points in life and her journey to understand what it means to unlock the potential of your brain. She explains why self-regulation helps charging our mental battery and how this impacts clear thinking, decision making and creativity. We will also understand why it is the best predictor of your success in professional and private life.


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