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and get inspired on the way

Make it

your Path

and get inspired on the way

#18 "I wanted to explore a freer environment where I could follow my ideas"

Hello and welcome to episode 18, in which I got the chance to speak with Casper Jorna.

Casper is a partner at NEO - a global network of leaders who challenge conventional thinking – and an active expert in business innovation & transformation for a circular economy.


Casper will share with us how a lack of growth opportunities let him to quit his last job and how he experiences his current journey to figure out who he is. He talks about the important role of his mentor, the value of not closing off any opportunities to quickly and what it meant to him having left home and friends for the last 4 years while stepping into the unknown.

Which 3 new and old habits helped him throughout his discovery journey, why he left the corporate world to join an NGO and why the capability to reinvent himself is so important to him you will hear in this weeks episode! Enjoy ☺


You are actually quite satisfied with the direction you have taken so far, but somehow it doesn’t feel right anymore? I am happy to support you on this journey as a Business, Career & Life coach – face to face in Düsseldorf (Germany) or in any other place by video or audio call. Get in touch for a free initial consultation and email me on - I’m excited to hear from you!


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