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and get inspired on the way

#14 "Working abroad makes you both, a student and a teacher"

Today’s guest is Arthur Panos, a good friend of mine who lives in Sydney, Australia. He is a freelance commercial director with a broad international experience.

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He held global positions at companies like Bridge Alliance in Singapore or Vodafone Group in Luxembourg. Besides this professional part of his life, he is working on his university degrees in science, history and writing.

After many years of being an expat - with his wife and two kids - he recently returned home to Sydney.


Today, he talks to us about his experience of a life abroad. We hear how it was the desire to grow personally and professionally that made him take this step and how his first key learning was to “always bringing yourself - wherever you go”.

He shares how he handled doubts, took difficult decisions and how taking over a director role in an Asian country & company was fascinating and brought along many surprises. Stay tuned to listen to this and much more :-)


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