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Make it

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and get inspired on the way

#12 "We are the stories we keep telling ourselves about us and our capabilities"

On the show today is Karl Morris, one of Europe’s leading Performance Coaches who has worked with and achieved success with SIX Major winners and over a 100 PGA top golfers.

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Karl is a bestselling author, the creator and founder of the company „The Mind Factor“, and has consistently produced outstanding results for clients at ALL LEVELS of sport and business with a practical and applicable approach based on real world experience as opposed to classroom theory. 

Being a PGA Professional, Karl is specializing in Mind & Performance Coaching.


In this episode, Karl shares a lot about his valuable experiences with sports pro’s and top business managers, for example about the importance of where we put our attention, what role the “stories” play that we keep telling ourselves and live by and how an exercise helps reflect and develop a blueprint for the brain to follow.

You learn about the equation for performance and how a simple question can help you understand your potential. You might also be interested in his principle which enables you achieve your own set goals, which he calls "the accumulation of good days".


You want to know more about how I can support you as a Career & Life Coach on reflecting on and creating your individual future story? Click here!


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