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and get inspired on the way

#8 "I was ok being vulnerable & learning a new industry from scratch"

Dr. Marcia Reynolds - who was just ranked the top 3 Coaching Professional in the world in 2019 - is a true pioneer in the world of international coaching.

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She was the 5th president of the international coach federation (ICF) and held top leading positions in the industry. Today she is the expert organizations call on to breathe life into their connections, conversations, and cultures.

She has trained, spoken at conferences and on the TEDx stage, and coached leaders in over 40 countries. She is the author of three books including her bestseller “The Discomfort Zone”. Her doctorate is in Organization Psychology and she continues to research transformational leadership to help startups and established Fortune 500 firms prosper in today's chaotic, unpredictable world.


Marcia talks us through her personal career story and explains how emotional intelligence helps us taking the right decisions & finding our individual path. She shares insights from her research on how people learn and what motivates them.

We also learn how our brain is stopping us from taking risks and how we can outsmart it – and how 3 key questions can help us realize we can take greater risk than we thought.

She tells us how her first coach taught her an important lesson and why she believes that a start into a new industry does not require being perfect - but being vulnerable and being okay with learning on the go.


You want to know more about me and how I can support you as a Career & Life Coach on your own individual path? Click here!


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