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and get inspired on the way

#51 "Even though it was a terrible fit, this job experience led to so much that came up after"

This is episode #51 with Scott Anthony Barlow, Career Change Podcast Host, Author, Keynote Speaker, Career Happiness & Self Development Nerd with his own company. You might know him through features on CNBC, in the Fast Company magazine or the Huffington Post.


Today, you’ll hear how a lot of who he is today was shaped by his experiences.

Looking at the early stage of his career, Scott was using an upcoming job opportunity when he realized that this cannot be how work life is.

He shares how he felt, talked to his manager - and then got fired and continued his professional journey to find the perfect fit that made him feel happy. It took him 10 years.

He takes us to the situation in which he decided to start a company in order to share what he has learned with other people – and at the same time declining the position of a Vice President at his current employer.

We also talk about the value in accessing your inner compass to explore your perfect career profile which allows you to make upcoming decisions with a feeling of inner security. Get ready for some inspiring insights!

Have you used upcoming opportunities so far and arrived where you are now rather coincidentally? And would you like to explore your choices and shape your own future actively? Let us find out how I could support you on your individual path as a Career & Strengths Coach - in Düsseldorf or online – get in touch for a free initial consultation via I am looking forward to your email! Thank you for listening and have a happy day ahead! ☺


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