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#21 "Until my burnout I didn't realize that I wasn't connected to myself"

In this weeks episode I got the opportunity to speak with Raquel P., an expat New Yorker living in the French countryside.

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Raquel is an Executive and Life Coach, helping high achievers intentionally create and step into their best self, life and career. She brings a decade of experience in a range of high pressure, high challenge settings, including banking e.g. at Deutsche Bank, corporate like Verizon and tech startups and holds an MBA from New York University. 


Raquel tells us how she was shaping her career path and what drove her along the way when living abroad and taking on new challenges. She very openly shares how she went through a burnout, how her manager reacted and how this phase of her life turned out to be the biggest gift.

What it meant to her being away from the family, starting an MBA with a baby at home and learning to trust herself you’ll here in this very insightful episode.

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